Come visit the WOLWAEREN EXHIBITION by designer Roland Pieter Smit between 17 March and 30 April, in the Charlie + Mary store in De Hallen.

With Wolwaeren, a series of seven blankets made by people with a mental or physical empairment, Roland Pieter Smit designed looms that, among other things, reflect the psychologicall and physical possibilities of the operators. For example autistic people can work with very thin yarn, while those with Downs syndrome prefer to work with thicker yarn. The yarn is made from wool from the island of Texel (once lucrative but now almost worthless), and by offering sheep farmers an honest price.

Roland Pieter Smit is a designer with a clear mission to put needs, desires and human well-being at the centre of all he does.
It means, designing concepts and products people feel comfortable with, support the actions in daily life and strengthen human behavior.
It also means insight into the various stages and places in the production chain, and strive to maintain or restore the valuable traditional processes.
The starting point of his thinking is always the question of how and why his work can improve the reality of life.

Charlie + Mary de Hallen
Hannie Dankbaar Passage 6

Exhibition_CharlieMaryDeHallen_WolwaerenRolandPieterSmit-LR-9   Exhibition_CharlieMaryDeHallen_WolwaerenRolandPieterSmit-LR-2 Exhibition_CharlieMaryDeHallen_WolwaerenRolandPieterSmit-LR-4   Exhibition_CharlieMaryDeHallen_WolwaerenRolandPieterSmit-LR-7 Exhibition_CharlieMaryDeHallen_WolwaerenRolandPieterSmit-LR-8


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