Meet Roel Vermeer, better known as GOSTO. This  multi instrumentalist  writes,  sings, composes and produces  all  his songs  himself. Supported by his strong lyrics and talented live band, GOSTO guides  you  through  his  world: his  travels, his  chaos and is unconditional love for music. Ever since his  debut  EP  in  2014  GOSTO  made  a  big  impression: GOSTO  has  performed as support  act of Oscar  &  The  Wolf,  Thomas Azier  and  How  To  Dress  Well and the band played more than  65 shows throughout  the  Netherlands,  Belgium  and  Italy,  with  memorable  highlights  such  as 22Tracks Festival, Bevrijdingspop  Amsterdam  and  Haarlem,  Fuchsbau  (Hannover)  and CO  Pop (Cologne).

Roel likes to dress in True Fashion label Wunderwerk and on 27 October he will release his  first  full album  ‘Memory Ivy’ at  Bitterzoet,  in Amsterdam. About time to get to know Roel GOSTO Vermeer a bit better – we asked him a few questions about music and fashion! 

Where does the name GOSTO come from?

It is my second name. My brother gave me this name when he was 4 years old when my mother introduced me to him an hour after I was born. He said: ‘he needs to be called Gosto, and can i go back to sleep now?’ It is a Portuguese word and it means; to love.

Where do you get your inspiration from when writing and producing your music?

It is in my head but also inspired by other music I come across during travels or through friends and research. And I am influenced by my mother with blues, jazz, world music and rock’n roll. 

Do you tend to get nervous for a performance?

The more intimate the setting is, the more nervous I am. I do find myself being on my best in smaller settings. Maybe because of the nerves in a healthy way. I think It makes you extremely focussed.

Which was your best performance so far?

It was when I released my first and second EP in Paradiso, in Amsterdam.


 You are about to launch your new album ‘memory Ivy’, you must be super excited?

Yes I am!! With launching this new album I am reaching one of my personal goals, by staying true to my sound whilst making myself better understand through music.

How long have you been working on this album and what’s it about?

I worked on this album for about 8 months. It’s about love and fear. I feel a little sad saying this, but it is honestly the best subject for songwriting for me.

When is the album release party and will you be touring after? 

The album release party is on the 27th of October in Bitterzoet, in Amsterdam. It’s 5 days after my birthday so we will be celebrating a double party. After that we will be touring and I am happily suprised that the number of shows we will be doing for the Dutch tour is growing every day. Keep an eye on social media for updates. We will also play at the Reeperbahn festival in September in Hamburg, Germany which is going to be very special as well. 

What are your favourite hangouts in Amsterdam and why?

Depends on my mood but for a good social vibe I like to go to Brecht or Festina Lente. I’m sorry but I won’t be mentioning the quiet places I like.

Which music do you listen to yourself at the moment, what’s on your own spotify playlist?

You will find Alabama shakes, Jeff buckley, Nick drake, and a lot of world music, from Bollywood to African tribe music. Feel free to check out my spotify list, its open. 

What is your relationship to fashion? 

I love for my clothes to fit right and the colours to match. But i’m not so aware of the scenes. That’s why I am so happy to wear Wunderwerk – whatever I wear from them, it always matches each other. And the fabric feels great, same as the philosophy behind it.

What do you like to wear when you are on stage? And when you are not on stage?

Actually I love to dress up in a way that I could go on stage at any time. 

You are an ambassador for the brand Wunderwerk. Why do you think it is important to tell the story behind fashion?

I think the story behind the clothes enables you to be proud and confident about the clothes you wear. I like to wear Wunderwerk because of the fit, the colours, the style and the philosophy.



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