FashionWeek Amsterdam is about to start and the program is packed! We selected some sustainable shows, events and talks to write down in your agenda.


Driven by the urge to make recycling fashionable fashion designer Lissa Konno often uses textile waste as the main material source and inspiration for her work. She criticizes the wasteful and unethical ways of the fashion industry but is not afraid to do so in a vibrant and optimistic way. ‘Yours Truly’ is the newest project of Lisa Konno and will be presented during Amsterdam Fashion Week. The collection invites you to be part of the process of making a garment. It aims to gain back value for clothing by involving the wearer with the production of their wardrobe.

Tickets for the show are available via this link.

16 January – WOW Fashion Volcano

The cultural hotspot WOW Amsterdam presents the Fashion Volcano. A show that is built by designers such as Winde Rienstra and Wintervacht. This Fashion Volcano offers multiple fashion views in one-go!

There is no Entrance Fee, but you should register at the guestlist to ensure your spot!

 18 January – Future Generation

The closing day of FashionWeek Amsterdam will be all about the future of fashion. Fifteen designers, thinkers, visionaries will give their vision on the phenomena called fashion and it’s not so sure future. They will take you on a journey through an outspoken selection of installations in the Brave Monday Hotel, talkshows, performances and and of course lots of innovative fashion.

Tickets are available via this link

12 – 22 January – SLOW // PULP by Natalie de Koning

During Fashion Week GW Agency presents SLOW // PULP by Natalie de Koning. PULP is a capsule collection designed by Natalie de Koning with the most beautiful and qualitative repurposed and recycled materials. SLOW references the 10-day fashion presentation but also the manner wherein the collection can be purchased. Instead of buying a garment, visitors can purchase materials and patterns, or join a workshop to make their own!

You can visit this presentation at Westerlab to see the collection and make it yourself!

Image by Lissa Konno

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