Have you discovered the ‘Charlie+Mary True Fashion shopping Map‘ yet? If you are new in Amsterdam or only here for a few days and want to get round the city while discovering awesome shopping addresses, this is your perfect (free) tour guide!

Nicoletta just moved to Amsterdam and went on a True fashion shopping tour….


Having only recently moved to Amsterdam, I went on a tour through the city with the Charlie + Mary shopping map as my guide. The weather being super-nice I started on my mission to check out all the places in the city riding my (pink and turquoise) bike around town and enjoying the sunshine.

First things first, I rode straight to the Peer Café to start my day with a good coffee. The amazing location in the middle of the red-light district gives artists and residents a place to work and exchange ideas over a good cup of coffee and delicious piece of cake.


Heading from there further north I got to the Haarlemmerstraat, a different kind of “shopping street” where you can find more individual and concept stores next to the “Coffee shops” Amsterdam is known for. First I went to Nukuhiva who’s lovely owners have made a great selection of l’Herbe Rouge, Armed Angels, Kuychi, Wunderwerk, People Tree and many more. This shop also gives a wide selection of true fashion for men.  Further down the road I got to SUKHA Amsterdam, a shop that is definitely worth the visit, even if it’s for the decoration alone. The cozy, yet stylish interior gives the perfect setting for the selection of beautiful products from Dutch, Nepali or Indian origin. Slowly heading on that street I reached Infnti, a really cute shop that offers a lot of yoga garments as well as beautiful range of fashion pieces from Wunderwerk and People Tree.


Next, my bike and me rode down to Westerstraat to have a look at LENA, the “fashion library”. Their genius concept is to create a place where you can always find new and stylish clothes to wear without having to possess them causing your wardrobe to overflow and the planet to get over dumped. You can borrow the well selected garments for a membership fee swapping them as often as you like. While this is probably not as interesting if you are just here for a week-end, the idea is very appealing to someone like me who is torn between the wish for novelty and the awareness that buying ever more stuff is not sustainable.

After a healthy salat lunch (from SLA) on a bench next to a canal, I drove to Exota, in the ‘nine streets’ shopping district. The shop is filled to the brim and might look a bit overwhelming at first sight, but the mix of vintage, their own label (King Louie) and bought-in brands fit really well together. Find true fashion label People Tree in this fun and eclectic shop.


My next stop was the “Geiten Wollen Winkel” on the Utrechtsestraat. The name, which is a dutch expression for the cliché of the tree hugger shop, is an ironic nod to their stylish and fashion forward selection. The sisters behind this beautiful shop also have their own Geiten Wollen Shirts brand of modern and comfortable basics , which is mixed with a great choice of other true fashion brands. Next to l’Herbe Rouge, Wunderwerk and People tree, they also house a few brands that are otherwise not available in Holland, like Kowtow and Groceries apparel.


Cycling on to the East of Amsterdam I got to Mhoom, which was in the full process of moving. This awesome  hairdresser/true fashion shop will be relocating to the Nieuwe Kerkstraat 64, steps away from from Amsterdam’s famous and pretty ‘Skinny bridge’.

Last, but not least, I got to the Charlie+Mary shop in the Pijp! The beautiful and cosy feel of the shop invites to wander around and take in all the loving details. Recently they have opened a new room for the kids collection in a vintage classroom style.

I did this route in a day and had a blast! But you can easily divide it over two days. Yep! Amsterdam certainly offers enough choice of inspiring alternatives to those high street shops, which you can find in any city really. So I say; make your stay in Amsterdam more unique, support the locals and enjoy!

Love, Nicoletta (Austria)

There is only one person in all Amsterdam that wears a green helmet to ride their bike, so if you spot me, come say hello. :-)
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