This fabric update is a little sneak peek into the next season really. Monocel is a new option in the list of sustainable fabric alternatives a.k.a. the new and better bamboo! This fabric will be introduced in the AW 2015/2016 collection.

When most people talk about ‘bamboo textiles’, they’re most of the time talking about bamboo viscose products. Bamboo is seen as sustainable as this raw material is one of the fastest growing plants. The viscose method on the other hand, is quite chemical intensive.

Monocel is made of bamboo, but differently. The fibre used for Monocel is produced through a method called ‘lyocell’. This method has been used for producing wood based fibres for nearly 25 years. Instead of using chemicals, this method uses an organic solution. The solution is recycled and reused in a closed loop system, just like the water they need for the production. In short: no residues of harmful chemicals. Plus water consumption is reduced significantly.

Monocel is not in store yet but is expected upcoming winter, in the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection of Amsterdam based fashion labelĀ Studio JUX. We’re counting the days.


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