Now on our shop walls: Photography series ‘Winter passing by’. This series by Portugese photographer Miguel Varanda, who lives in Sweden, is about how life changes with the cold season in the country he got to know. ‘Winter passing by’ will be exhibited in the Charlie + Mary conceptstore in De Pijp until January 15th.

On the way to Sundsvall, a December morning, I looked out the window of the train and saw the white curtain which was piled outside. It was not the first time I saw it, but it was undoubtedly the time I felt drawn to that cloak that covered everything. Nothing escaped it. Only a few trees appear and insisted on resisting. The gray sky was suddenly broken by icy snow. The houses, the roads, the frozen lakes … it seemed that life had suddenly ceased to exist. Here and there a light inside a house, some animals huddle together and try  not to  freeze.

Inside, the temperature remains pleasant. The speed increases and with it loses the clarity of details outside. Everything looks the same. The colors that do not exist, the forms writhe to mixing. It is a cold season, either in the street or in people. After several years of living with Swedes, I came to realize the life and changes with the cold season. People barely speak in the street. Almost not leaving the house, the nights are long and cold and clothing weighs ….. Time runs slower and one lives almost isolated , even in the city center.

This photo series aims to illustrate something like this happens, the rigor of a winter landscape that otherwise is alive and green and floral. The lights in the background are the hope that the cold also ends and better days will come. – Miguel Varanda

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