Charlie + Mary is the pioneer of True Fashion and has a strong believe that a better fashion industry where clothes can be worn with pride and confidence is possible. Because you know that what you wear is  made with respect for humans, the environment and animals.

Charlie + Mary redefined sustainable fashion into True Fashion. True Fashion is everything that adds value to the story behind the clothes. Stories about the creative design process, the brand’s philosophy, traditional craftsmanship and the cotton grown by a farmer in another part of the world. True Fashion is about working together and learning from each other.

Charlie + Mary is grown into a Fashion Platform with two shops in Amsterdam, a fashion agency and blog and cooperates with each link within the fashion industry to enlarge the impact of a new fashion story. A story where we go back to the beautiful, original values of fashion, where we show that you don’t have to compromise in style when you choose for True Fashion. A story that you can contribute to, because true fashion stories can make a change that matters.